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Service orders system:
The Technical Service division is important part of our client support system. It is indivisible part of our company since 1991. We can make for you device repairing, software installation, diagnostics and testing.
On-line service order tracking:
Using the form below you can check the status of your service order directly from our service division.
In order to do this you will need your service order number and password. Those are generated and printed into your service card - you will receive it when you leave your device into our service.
Please read carefully our on-line order tracking guide prior to use this form!
order number:
On-line service order tracking guide:
Our on-line service tracking system was designed for your convenience.
Our primary purpose is to enable you to check the status of the repair of your device without having to call us by the phone or to visit the service division. That is why we adopted our own service order control system.
When your service card is issued, your order will receive unique number and password printed on it. These will be used for the on-line tracking. Please keep the card in the secure place to avoid unauthorized access to your private data. Enter your service order number and password in the above fields and click the "Check it..." button.
If you are unsure about the data you enter, press the "Reset" button and try again.
Note that the password is case-sensitive!
The number of the order is printed in the top left corner of the service card:
The password is found into the bottom right corner of the service card:
Technical services - rules, types, and prices:
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The Comel Soft Multimedia Service division performs technical services under the following terms and conditions:
Technical services order:

The repairing of the devices in our service is performed in the following order:

  1. The damaged device is supplied to our Service division by the customer or authorized person, registered with our service order control system, and a service card is being generated. The card is issued in duplicate and every of the copies is being signed by the customer (authorized person) and one of our employees.
    ne of the duplicates is handed in to the customer. The customer must keep it in a secure place until the finish of the order.
  2. The device is tested by our service engineers and a resolution for the trouble is issued.
  3. One of our service engineer repairs the device, specifies the repair tax (if needed), or issues a recommndation for device replacing.
  4. The device is transfered back to the customer and a supplement document is created.
    It contains the repair chronology - resolution, repair actions, and so on. The customer receives a copy of this document.
    The repaired device will leave our service division along with this document only!
Warranty Terms:
The warranty service is accomplished only when an original warranty card is presented. In all other cases the repair will be made in accordance with the prices, determined by the Tariff for Services and Repairs of the service of "Comel Soft Multimedia" company.
All of the guarantee orders are attended to with priority before out of guarantee ones, regardless of their order of presenting in the service.
The goods are being repaired free of charge in the warranty period in all cases, unless when:
  • There is an attempt for changing of the configurations or the schemes; consumables of poor quality are being used; the outward appearance is damaged; an attempt for removing a defect is made by non-authorized persons;
  • There are corrections or changes of the invoice or of the warranty card;
  • The damages are caused not through the dealer's fault, like bad transport, bad storage, incorrect exploitation, disrepair or wide fluctuations of the electric mains, natural disasters and non-observance of the instructions in the accompanying documentation;
  • The problems are of software-related;
  • The damages are caused by other devices and apparatus, used together with the delivered technics. The warranty does not include the consumable materials (tapes, ribbons, diskettes etc.);
  • The damages which are caused by mechanical strains are not considered for guaranty;
  • The warranty and out of warranty service is completed for not less than 48 hours.
Additional Terms:
  • When there is substitution of a defect module or expansion of the system, to the warranty card is attached another one, which is considered for no separable part of the latter;
  • The service does not bear responsibility for devices, which are not asked for in 30 days term.
Tariff for Services and Repairs:
10.00 - 20.00 BGL
Operating System Installation ***
20.00 BGL
Driver Installation (1 product)
5.00 BGL
Program Installation ***
10.00 BGL
Virus Checking
10.00 BGL
Virus Removal
subject to agreement
Peripherals Installation - Mice, Joysticks, Storage Devices...
10.00 BGL
Software Adjustments for Internet Access
20.00 BGL
Monitors Repair (base price, w/ o spare parts)
25.00 BGL
Power Supply Units Repair (w/ o spare parts)
18.00 BGL
CD Devices Cleaning
15.00 BGL
Mice Cleaning
5.00 BGL
Keyboard Cleaning
10.00 BGL
InkJet Printer Prophylaxis
20.00 BGL
Laser Printer Prophylaxis
20.00 BGL
Other Services
subject to agreement
Our service operates only with licensed sofware packages, supplied by the customer or purchased from our stores.
Spare parts and consumables are not included in the above prices.
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